Sunday, 3 July 2016

You Live: We Do Not

The suppression into non-existence of those who work so that 'you' may live. This is media as vampire. 

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Technocrat Themistius

The Twitter account @samfr is in favour of the academisation in English schools. This process, now, amounts to a privatisation of the entire English schools service and everyone knows it. 
For samfr, however, privatisation is not a problem. The only problems are technical. Hence this tweet;

For samfr the objections raised by the opponents of academisation (forced or otherwise) are conspiracy theory and not to be taken seriously. 
Fortunately for all of us there a small number of intellects - amongst which samfr locates itself - that are capable of being serious and recognising the true problems and grappling with them. A fact for which we must all be grateful. 

The brilliance of samfr's tiny intervention into the social media public sphere lies in how those opposed to academisation become a dehumanised mob (lot is crucial here) of conspiracy theory loons whilst samfr's technoratic superiority shines through at the same time. If the politics of the samfr account did not scream out from this rhetorical structure quite so loudly it might almost work but alas this is not the case. 

It is worth pointing out that any resemblance between the line of thought samfr is proposing and anti-democratic technocracy is , I am sure, purely coincidental & we must all be certain that whilst the entire education service in England is sold off around him and school fields and sites are transferred into private ownership for house building (or worse) that samfr will continue to recognise and comment on the serious technical difficulties confronting young people and their learning. 


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