Sunday, 3 August 2008

Right-Blog; idiocy writ large

The right often shouts out that it dominates the blogosphere and has won all the arguements. This, however, is just shouting as the right has achieved no such thing. Indeed the reverse is the case as the right has simply and utterly retreated from argument and has become discursivly sterile.
The right seems to have decided that as long as it shouts loudly enough no one will notice that it's only talking to itself. The result is that the right-blogosphere has become a space almost seperate from the rest of the Internet/www (almost in the fashion of the successionists found in Gibson's Bridge cycle) giving the impression to the members of this social space that there are no competing voices and that indeed they have swept the field. The victory is, however, an illusion.

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Anonymous said...

I think you are completely right about the right and the blogosphere. I worry though, that the sheer number of right-ist blogs and the volume at which they are shouting to each other tricks search engines into thinking they are universally popular. To the uninitiated, using google blog search, they could easily be fooled.


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